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Creatitech verse is an OC universe I made back in 2018. It follows the (much unfinished) story of Apolline, a citizen of Celbin on the distant planet of Satacarro. One morning, a frazzled android, one of Artemus line, comes to her door requesting shelter and assistance. After letting him in, and calming him down, Apolline is told of a plot to overthrow the corrupt CEO of the tech giant, Creatitech Advancements. This revolution was thought up primarily by one of Fetheon's machines, the Hephaestus, a particular individual nicknamed Hyperion.

Basically, this was a Detroit: Become Human copy before I had even heard anything about it. I created this universe a month after DBH's release, and was more than a little miffed when I realized how similar they were. Alright, they're not that similar, all things considered... XD But still.


The planet of Satacarro is home to hundreds upon thousands of locations, but this story’s focus is on these three - Celbin, Saridge, and Fetheon. While Satacarro is a very distant world, its characteristics are primarily Earth-like. The humans on the planet speak a wide variety of alien languages, but English (as well as other Earthly languages) is one of the most common.

Celbin is a city that’s known for its beautiful scenery, and is often seen as a vacation spot. There are a number of small shops in the busier parts of the town. In the middle of town, there is a large park. This park is one of the town's biggest attractions, given its massive size, and its scenic beauty. Near one of the main entrances, there is fountain with a collection of plants and flowers surrounding it. One can often see children throwing coins into it, for luck and wishes.

Saridge is a large city that’s known for its floating cityscape. The entire city is suspended precariously above a large canyon in one of Satacarro's many desert landscapes. There are long bridges extending to the floating city so that travelers are able to enter it, though some opt to use one of its many lifts instead. Primarily, only the most wealthy of Satacarro's residents live here. Beyond them, Saridge is also home to the robot manufacturer, Creatitech Advancements. Lights from the city can be seen for miles away, and is often the focus of many a protest.

Fetheon is located in one of the multiple ridges in the planet. This desert city is known for its mining business and other sorts of factories that support not only the city itself, but neighboring cities as well. Saridge’s buildings were created with materials from Fetheon, and Creatitech Advancements' androids are also manufactured there.