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Long to Be is the running title for an OC universe I created when I was a teenager. The story (if you could even call it that) takes place primarily in the mid 1990s, though it has roots dating back to the 1970s, and even further back to the 1930s. The story itself covers the misfortunes of a man by the name of Miles (though everyone who knows him calls him Mr. Smiley), as well as his loving guardian angel, Maximillian.

At this point, there isn't a singular story for these characters. Try to think of this universe as a dollhouse, and I am the most evil little girl ever. And the dollhouse is on fire, or something.

Be warned: this page will cover some pretty heavy topics. If you are sensitive towards toxic relationships, child abuse and/or death, self harm, domestic abuse, and similar topics, then this is your chance to click away.

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There are other characters in this universe who do not have their own pages: Charlotte Terrance, Daisybelle Baldwin, Wallace Raley, and Thomas Cooper are such characters.