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Can I repost your art?

Possibly! Always ask me personally before doing so, please. There are a number of links back on my index page -- you're most likely to get a response if you contact me over FurAffinity or on Discord (username is at the bottom of this page).

All I ask is that you credit me. When crediting, link back to my main website: https://expectationemesis.net/

If you're unable to use the URL for whatever reason, simply crediting me as expectationemesis would work as well.

However, I do not consent to my artwork being used to create a profit. Whether you're using it in a YouTube video, porting it to whatever godawful print site, I am heavily against my work being used in this way. If I find my art is being used for this purpose, I will do whatever I can to make sure it gets taken down.

Do you take commissions?

Yes! You can find more information on that by clicking here: (link)

What inspired your username?

CyberAngeldust is a fandom URL. However, it's not a Vivziepop-inspired one. I know the allegations against her are pretty controversial and very much debated, but regardless of whether or not they're true, I just... don't like her or her work.

The cyber portion refers to my love of cyberpunk as a genre, and really, technological things in general. Angeldust is the name of a band, one that comprised of Criss Angel and Klayton (aka Circle of Dust). I'm not a drug addict, I prommy. :(

Can I create artwork featuring your designs?

No! Whether it’s fandom-related, original, or whatever, I don’t feel comfortable with anyone drawing my designs unless I specifically gave them permission to.

However! If the way you intend to use the design is to make me a gift, then by all means, feel free! And please forgive my snippiness. :P I will give you a big hug.

Are you active on any other websites?

Besides those on the index page (barring deviantART)? Yep! Here's a handy list.

Technically, I still am active on deviantART, but I don't post to my known accounts anymore. I do tend to check them every once in a while, though.

Can I use your art/characters/whatever for roleplaying?

No! Even with all the information stored on this website detailing my characters, that doesn't give anyone the right to use them for any reason. Please, make your own character/artwork. Using other people's stuff is disrespectful.

You drew/did something I find weird/problematic!

Depending on the genuine severity of that something, I direct you towards this image: (link)

None of my questions show up on this page, what do?

I hate when that happens, don't you? </3 Anyway, hit me up on Discord. My old server is pretty dead these days, but you can always hit me up directly @ Razzy#2517.