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Can I repost your art? / Can I use your art for something?

Ask me personally. My DMs are always open! If I say yes to you reposting, please keep my signature intact, and credit me in the caption/description of the post. If you intend on using my art as an icon or whatever, credit me where you can.

HOWEVER! *cough* If the drawing you want to repost/use is a commission and/or an original character of mine, I’m always going to say no.

What's the gallery on your index about?

As I no longer use deviantART or Tumblr, my primary way of sharing my art is by posting it here. I update the gallery on the index page whenever I create a new drawing, and the selection refreshes every month when a new drawing is made.

Can I use your designs?

No! :D Whether it’s fandom-related, original, or otherwise, I don’t feel comfortable with anyone using my designs. Unless I personally give you permission. But only then. >:T

Sooo… what’s with all the weird gore n’ stuff?

For fun! :D Well that, and idk man, I have a lot of self-destructive thoughts, and it’s safer to express them in artistic mediums rather than, y'know, the alternative. ouo 'Sides! I'm a tad bit weird. :P If my weirdness doesn't suit you, you know where the door is, eh?

Do you mind if people kin or identify as your characters?

I MIND!!!! Immensely. Don’t do that. My characters are heavily personal to me, as one would imagine. And before you say, "Oh Ren, you're overreacting, why would anyone identify as one of YOUR characters? Shouldn't you be flattered, anyway?" And to that I say no! I am not flattered! I know at least ONE person that has one of my OCs in their system, and it makes me so freaking uncomfortable! AGH!

Sooo, about those Star Wars Rebels AUs…

Ah yes, my dark and foreboding past. I highly doubt anyone cares about this anymore, considering how long ago this was, but I won't feel comfortable unless I explain myself. I've been misunderstood for faaar too many years. :P

For slight context, it was basically Ezra Bridger, but he was abused by his found family. To make myself very, very clear: Never have I ever romanticized that. I was a teenager going through IRL family trouble, and the best thing I could do to cope with the stress was to project it onto a favorite character.

I have better coping mechanisms now, my art blog has been deleted, and I have changed. Mkay? Mkay.

Why did you leave your social media accounts?

To put it simply: Stress. Tumblr's embarrassing, deviantART's in AI hell, and I am just simply tired of it all.

Why are you only a member as opposed to a premium member? This isn't deviantART, you don't have to fork over cash for a fancy new symbol next to your username anymore!

... That's a damn good question. Or shall I say... a dAmn... good question. Haha... ah. :(

None of my questions show up on this page, what do?

Though I have other social media pages listed at the top of all these pages, I don't check them anymore. Your best bet is to shoot me a DM on Discord. Best way to do that is either to contact me directly, or to join my server and then DM. Whatever works!