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Fandom: Non-fandom
Characters: Raziel Scardonia & Leizar Ainodracs
Upload date: November 15th, 2022
Description: Finally made a new reference sheet for this girl! Been meaning to for quite a freakin' while. I'll be needing to make a separate one for their anthro forms, but I'm pretty happy with this for the time being.

Some design notes not included on the sheet...

  1. Claws and pawpads are the same color on Raziel, but Leizar's claws are bright purple.
  2. Raziel's eyes, and every other form of white on her, are an off-white color.
  3. The outline of their irises could either be their respective blues, or black.
  4. They are generally 4 feet in height, from front paws to top of head (not including horns/ears)
  5. Raziel is a shapeshifter, so their proportions, muzzle shape, eye shape, etc. are variable.
  6. The two spots on her ears are actually earrings, not markings. This is best shown on Leizar.
  7. Despite the tears and holes in her wings, she can fly just fine.
  8. Though Raziel tends to wear fandom-related junk, Leizar does not generally do that.

I had one hell of a time trying to get a pose to work for this, so unfortunately I had to reference something. Here is the credit: Free Scenewolf Lines by RainbowBOXORZZ on deviantART