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Raziel Scardonia/Ren
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Hi, I’m CyberAngeldust! Ren? Raziel? *sigh* I go by many names u_u... but whatever! Hi! Welcome to my home on the web! :]

Here are some words that best describe me... Nostalgia-sick sparkledragon. Queer and proud. Tall, shy nerd. Mega fan of the font 'Verdana'. Former deviantARTist. Self-proclaimed gamer, despite not playing games very often. Should probably get a life, perhaps two (for good measure). If you'd like to know more about me, please check out my personal site: (link)

I create original art as well as fandom-related junk. To view what kinds of stuff I create, and how I create them, check out the 'Interests' dropdown.

Warning: The art on this page may occasionally cover adult topics. Any piece I deem NSFW (rollover) will be clearly marked with an 18+ symbol on its thumbnail. If you do not wish to see such pieces, or are not legally able to, please don't click on them. Thank you. :3

Prefer the look of my old site? You can see the old index here!

Artists who inspire me... H.R. Giger, Dave McKean, Katerina Belikova, Walter Wick, and Wayne A. Lee (bunnyhero).

Video games whose visual style inspire me... Portal, Machinarium, Don't Starve, Gorogoa, Little Misfortune, Penumbra Trilogy, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Silent Hill 1 & 2, and Darkseed.

Fanart I currently like to draw... My Little Pony, FiXT (mostly Klayton), TURN: Washington's Spies, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (original and modern), and various horror titles. :P

Original stuff I like to draw... Raziel, my Klayverse OCs, Long to Be, Creatitech verse, Netsprites, as well as various other OCs! Usually some kind of sparklefurry or robot. :P

Tools I use to create... Wacom Intuos tablet, Paint Tool SAI ver. 2, Adobe Flash Professional CS5.5, Rebelle 5, souls of the innocent... I also use a Wacom Intuos tablet, particularly the old version. I have two in fear that my original will someday break. :(

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