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CHOICES WERE DEFINITELY MADE HERE (and they certainly weren’t very good ones…)

Hi, I’m Amber Ren! Though, my followers tend to call me Anakal. Or Mech. Weird, right? Anyhoo, welcome to my Neocities. :] I post original junk as well as fandom-related arts. My pronouns are she/they, and I’m, like, 21 I think. Use or redistribution of my art without credit is prohibited. I will find you....
... And I will cry. :"c

On this page, you can find some of my more recent artwork, as well as information about my characters. :3 To learn more about the idiot that runs this page, please check out my about page, EXPECTATIONemesis.

Sites I use sometimes:

Commissions are open! 4/5 slots open!

Stay classy, folks. <3 mwah~

Klayverse OC's:
These are characters whose universes play off of Klayton Celldweller’s stories. Some are more aligned with his stuff than others. Some don’t align to them at all, but they’re here anyway. Stories and links are under construction.

Not pictured:
Cyra Venmorne, Jax Moebius, Rion, Gaz, and Adina (The Siren)

Upcoming Updates:
  1. Fill out Klayverse OC profiles! Please. Dear god.

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