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General Guidelines:
  1. I have the right to decline any commission that comes my way for any reason, especially if it makes me uncomfortable, or if I otherwise don't believe I can give you a quality product.

  2. Payment will be made after discussion takes place. I will not give out refunds unless I haven't started working on the commission.

  3. I will not work without a reference sheet. I would prefer a digitally made one, but a traditional sheet with digitally-matched colors would work.

  4. You are free to ask me for updates whenever you wish, but I will also be updating you whenever I finish a portion of the piece. For example, once the sketch is complete, I will send you an update. Once the lineart is finished, I will send you an update, etc.

  5. Any edits can be made for no extra cost while the piece is being worked on. Once the piece is finished, I will not do any further edits on it.

  6. Feel free to print your commission for personal use, such as t-shirts or stickers, however you are not authorized to sell copies to make a profit.

  7. Additional characters, no matter the option chosen, will add $10 to the final price per character.

✓ CAN DO, BOSS :D ✓ - I work best with...
Furries (anthro, feral, sparklefur or otherwise), humanoids, cyborgs/androids, light/suggestive NSFW, blood & gore.

~ EHHHHH MAYBE, BOSS <:/ ~ - I could draw...
Real people (with enough references??), not-so-light NSFW (would be private only)

X NO CAN DO, BOSS D: X - I refuse to make...
Reference sheets, NSFW of real people, complex machinery, complex backgrounds. I refuse to depict hate art of any kind, or anything literally illegal. Requesting such topics will result in a block.

Though it doesn't appear on the menu below, I also take pixel art and character design commissions. However, pricing them is somewhat complicated, so discussion will need to take place n' all that. -u-'

Things to consider...
  1. I struggle with chronic pain. So, depending on how much my pain is bothering me, that may affect the time it takes for me to complete your commission. Generally, I get commissions done fairly quickly - perhaps a day or two - however, there have been times where it's taken me longer.

  2. I'm not very good at backgrounds. That's just something I have to improve on. I work best with characters being the main subject of a piece.

  3. Generally, I prefer if discussion takes place over Tumblr or Instagram. If you're already in my Discord server, you're free to DM me. I would suggest deviantART, but with the changes Eclipse has made, Notes are difficult for me to work with. XD

Price Information:

Includes a lined drawing. Can have sections colored with gray for certain details upon client's request.
Bust: $15 USD // Fullbody: $25 USD

Flat color
Includes a drawing with flat colors. Will be delivered with a single-color background as well as a transparent version.
Bust: $35 USD // Fullbody: $45 USD

Full drawing
Includes a fully colored drawing with shading and lighting effects. Includes a simple background.
Bust: $55 USD // Fullbody: $75 USD ($100 max for complexity)

Doodle page
Includes a total of five drawings in one canvas.
$55 USD for 1 flat-color and 4 linearts // $85 for all flat-colors.

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When ordering a commission, please use this form!

Commission type: (lineart, flat color, etc., as well as bust or fullbody)
Reference sheet: (link your charrie's ref)
Prompt: (describe what you want this character doing, poses, etc.)

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